Welcome to SIGMA SALES

 Σ = SIGMA:  the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, representing “summation”.

With a sterling reputation for personal service and reliability, SIGMA helps both retail and foodservice customers remain on top of their game.

From our distribution center in Nogales, AZ and our grower regions in California, we deliver key sourcing solutions for busy produce receivers, including:

  1. Seamless supply of more than 20 of your best-selling SKUs from multiple growing areas
  2. Reliable delivery from three locations, on spec and to the highest standards
  3. Superior food safety, sustainability and social responsibility record (Primus Labs Platinum Members)
  4. Custom consolidation, repacking and other special programs
  5. One-stop resource for retail, foodservice and wholesale operations
  6. Expert company principals with 35+ years’ produce experience that help grow your business.

In short, our programs add value – not cost – to your supply chain.

Put our team on your side!  Call 520-281-1900, or email them directly (click on Products & Produce Pros Page, on right)  Be sure to also ask about our new Season Calendar and promotional programs.

This site and its contents are the property of SIGMA Sales, Nogales, AZ.  All rights reserved.

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