Spring outlook is sunny

This season SIGMA has been very fortunate to continue to partner with producers who share our commitment to excellence in all phases of the journey “from farm to fork.”

Importantly, we are invested in the future of these family growers as they expand to become the leading growers of tomorrow.  One prime example is the Borquez Family of Obregon and Caborca (Some of their extensive fields pictured. You can read about them in our previous post: Grower lauded for social responsibility)

Every Spring we count on this team to deliver top quality table grapes from Southern Sonora and the Yaqui Valley, and this upcoming season is no different.

They plan to harvest over 470 acreas of Early Sweets form Obregon for shipments in early May, followed by over 600 acres of Flames from Caborca, in addition to Sugraones.  The ship under their premium Melo and Don Poncho labels, all Global GAP and Fair Trade Certified.

Be sure to check in with our sales pro for detailed supply information as we get closer to the season