Logistics & Partnerships


Our headquarters is minutes from the Mexico border, along the bustling CANAMEX Corridor uniting Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.   This location ensures convenient ins-and-outs which translates into freshness for you.  

Importantly, the recent $230 million expansion of the Port of Nogales has further enhanced the  logistics and speed of our operations.  

One of four separate coolers in Nogales

Our distribution facilities feature:

  • Over 50,000 sf. of office and warehouse
  • Separate coolers with individual controls
  • Computer-controlled humidification
  • Separate staging area for inspections and testing
  • Full consolidation and custom repacking
  • Fleet of refrigerated trailers.

Our Los Angeles sales office is critical in ensuring our Pacific Coast customers get personal service and the fastest deliveries possible.

Our Families:  Growing Together

Santa Maria vegetable production:

Sigma13We are proud to be partners with family-run agribusiness Brothers Best based out of the Santa Maria and Santa Ynez Valleys in Central California.

Ernesto Ramirez, founder and President of Brothers Best Produce, has been involved in the industry since the early nineties, growing premium produce from Coachella, Bakersfield, Huron, and the majority from the Central Coast Region.

Summer squash is what they specialize in from this region, including Italian, Yellow Straight Neck, and Mexican Grey squash. Other products are winter squash, bell peppers, chili peppers, and tomatillos from May to November. During other months, they grow commodities such as broccoli, lettuce, bok-choy, Napa cabbage, brussel sprouts, English, snap and snow peas.


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