Nogales season start

As we launch our new season, we wish to send our colleagues and producers in the areas hard-hit by storms and earthquakes our deepest sympathies and very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Here in Nogales, we are fortunate that our grower operations in Mexico have run smoothly over the past months, providing  what we see is another bountiful season of quality produce.  (Of course the weather can change, but so far, so good)

SIGMA typically handles more than 30 SKUs per season, and each salesperson has the specific category news you want, but here are some overall news as you start planning:

Watermelons –   Limited supplies are crossing now.   The quality is ranging from fair to good.   Volume is expected by October 10 from Sonora.

Mini Watermelon – Light supplies are crossing.   Volume is scheduled for October 10 as well.

shutterstock_143959336-malena-banner-1Honeydew – Nothing crossing yet.   Look for good availability by October 10.

Squash – We will see pallets here between now and Wednesday.   Possible volume by the weekend barring weather. We will see good availability on Yellow and then Italian and Grey.   Volume by October 5.

Hard Squash – We look for good supplies on Acorn and Butternut by SepSigma squash1tember 25.   Spaghetti to follow.

 Cucumbers – A few pallets will start over the weekend but volume is expected by October 10.

Hard Squashes – We look for good supplies on Acorn and Butternut by September 25.   Spaghetti to follow.

Green Bells – Shipping mid November

Color Bells – Shipping early December

Eggplant – Shipping October 5

Green Beans – Light supplies to start on November 15

Tomatoes – Shipping December

All the best,

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