Seasonal focus

Year-round supply means we go where the best produce is.  For this season, we continue to offer the products you prefer, plus the flexibility of the best pricing and terms.  That’s what makes our service stand apart.  Here’s how it works:

WEST MEXICO: OCT – JULY . From Sinaloa to Sonora, our West Mexico vegetables and fruits are shipped to us within a few hours. We control all aspects of the production management and shipping from these areas, so “no surprises” is our core strategy.

CALIFORNIA: MAY – AUG. Our Santa Maria operations nestled in the fertile Santa Ynez Valley has grown to hundreds of acres over the last few years, providing reliable volume and profitable opportunities.   Growing squash, melons and many other items, our summer harvest has now become a stand-out with many of our customers who demand premier quality. With local sourcing being what many customers are demanding today, Sigma’s Santa Maria products always rise to the occasion.

NEW:  SPRING GRAPES – JUNE. Launching our late-season, high-brix grapes from the Caborca region, typically shipping through July.  Read more about this deal soon.


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